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Data Privacy Statement

Please note that the German language version is the legally binding terms of data privacy. This English version is a mere translation.

Who are we:

Culturall Handelsges.m.b.H.
Company Residence: Am Modenapark 11/16, 1030 Wien, Österreich
Customer Service: Graf Starhemberg-Gasse 37/4, 1040 Wien, Österreich
Business hours: Mo-Fr 8am - 1 pm and 3pm - 4pm (Mo. - Fr., working days)
In case of problems relating to performances of the same or the next day: Mo-Su 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Tel: +43 1 7125400
Fax: +43 1 7125400-22
Firmenbuchnummer: FN 48895f
Firmengericht: Handelsgericht Wien
DVR: 0937801
UID-Number: ATU 42585500
Behörde gem. ECG: Magistratisches Bezirksamt des III. Bezirkes
Gewerbeberechtigungen: Theaterkartenbüro, Dienstleistungen in der automatischen Datenverarbeitung und Informationstechnik, Handelsgewerbe
Director: Helmut Rainel

In General:

The protection and the security of your private data are important to us. Culturall therefore stores and processes data only according to the Österreichisches Datenschutzgesetz 2000 and the regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European parliament and of the council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). Hereinafter we inform you about the type, range, and purpose of the collection and usage of your personal data as well as your rights:

We collect, use and adminstrate your data in accordance to Art. 6 DSGVO only,

  • if you gave us permission (according to Art. 6 Abs 1 lit a DSGVO) for data adminstation for specific purposes,
  • if we need your data for contract fullfillment or to perform precontractual measures (according to Art. 6 Abs 1 lit b DSGVO), as it is the case with procession of ticket orders or ticket purchases or cancellations of tickets in case of the cancellation/moderation of an event.
  • if it is necessary to fullfill legal requirements (according to Art. 6 Abs 1 lit c DSGVO) or
  • if a legitimate interest (according to Art. 6 Abs 1 lit e DSGVO) exists on our side, as is the case with answering inquieries, processing of registrations or for the purpose of informing of our customers.

Which kind of information does Culturall collect:

  • Your activities, and the data you inserted (name, title, salutation, address, birthdate, time zone)
  • Hardware information: We store information about the devices you use to access our services, or an app in order to enable you to send tickets from one device to the other.
    • Attributes like operating system, hardware, and device code
    • Contact informations like your telephone number are stored in order to be able to inform you via SMS in case of a change/cancellation of a performance
    • The app identifies the location of your device via GPS or Bluetooth/WLAN-Signal.
      This information is used to display your tickets upon entering of the theatre.
  • The IP-Adress of the requesting mobile phone/Tablet on which the app is installed, or the IP-Adress of your browser, name of your internet provider, together with the date, the time, the request with wich the query was made (name and URL), what amount of date were transferred to you, a notice if the request was successful, the device code und the browser used (Serverlog).
  • Your Facebook-ID, z.B. if you sign in via Facebook
  • Contry Code of your device (Smart TVs)
  • Issuer Country of your credit card
  • Contry Code of your SIM-card
  • IBAN and BIC, if you gave us permission and signed up for direct debit or are making a transfer to one of our accounts.
  • If you upload photos of ID cards on our website, we store these photos for 8 years.
  • The activities of other customers - if they are related to you, e.g. another user tranfers tickets to you or asks you if you do have the time to visit a theatre (if you agree to beeing asked)
  • The data of your adressboook on your smartphone are used only if and when you transfer tickets in the app to someone else - you will be reminded of it explicitly prior to sending the data to our servers.
  • Payment and purchase data. If you agree to it, your credit card data are encrypted and stored in the app. On our server pamendt data are storned in one-way (irreversible) encryption - decryption is therefore impossible. If your credit card data are stored encrypted in the app, we ensure that said credit card can only be used for purchases of the user account created by you. With regard to purchase data, we store the purchase time, purchase chanel, data B Daten über das gerät, auf dem der Kauf durchgeführt wurde, the seat purchased, the performance, price, and possbile reductions, as well as type of paymen,t as well as a confirmation of your creit card institute.
  • Answers to questionaires to to offer specific decision-making support for the ticket purchaseBeantwortungen von Fragebögen um Ihnen gezielt Entscheidungshilfen für den Kartenkauf anbieten zu können.
  • Informations from organizers/theatrs/third parties: We might receive information about you from organizers/theatrs/third parties, if Culturall sells tickets for said parties.
  • You feedback about the Staatsopera App and about events.

We use such information:

  • Especially your e-Mail-Adress and your phone number, or Facebook-ID to simplify the login process. If you are already registered at our website, we send you an e-mail or SMS that connecta your app with the data registered on the website. This offers you a und Ihnen über einen anderen Kanal eine Bestätigung von Käufen bzw. Sie über Abänderungen/Absagen zu informieren.
  • To iprove our servies by making offers and recommendations, that (hopefully) align with your interests. Location information is used to avaid making offers at short-notice that you can not possibly make use of.
  • For communiacation with you:
    We send offers and invitations to our customers. We use your e-mail adress, to send you offers/invitations and information about altenative dates and similar performances. Further entries are used to personally dress you in our newsletter or to enable further equiry by you. You can cancel the newsletter subscription anytime. To do so, either send us an e-mail or use the link at the end of the newsletter. Your personal data are stored and used for the newsletter dispatch, until you cancel. We send you information/offers via push messenger directly in the app. You can chose in which form you would like to receive which kind of message. Further reasons for communicating with you are:
    • To solve payment issues.
    • In the case of abortion of purchase or order process abortion - to ceck if this was intended by you or if there was a network or another technicl problem.
    • If you ask for this information - we inform you when certain artists are performing. 
    • We remind you before a performance to print your tickets if you chose print@home and hove not done so.
    • We remind you of performances you bought tickets for and of the live streams you booked, so that you do not forget to watch them.
    • After a performance we send feedback questionaires now and then, to give you the opportunity to give us feedback on our service and the performance you visited. These informations are only anonymously passed on to the presenter.
    • In order to improve your safety - to send a confirmation via e-mail or SMS after each booking. We also inform you when relevant data are being changed.
    • To inform you about performance modifications/cancellations.
    We use the county code of your device on smart-TVs respectively the issuer country of your credit card, the country code of your SIM-card and your registered adress/time zone as evidence when dealing with the different revenue offices, that we collected the right value added tax for the respective country.
  • IBAN and BIC are used for the standing order of payment by recipient in case of a purchase or reimbursement for cancellations, sales on commission or cancellations by presenters.
  • We use photos of ID cards to verify that you are eligible for discounts.
  • Serverlogs are stored, to examine the system security, to administrate the website technically, and to optimize the offers. Serverlogs are stored for no longer than one year.
  • To improve security - for example to send a confirmation after each booking to your e-mail adress or your SMS-adress.
  • If you order or purchase something via the app or in the internet or sign up for performancces, then your tranferred or entered data are checked for validity and currentness with the stored data and the stored data are corrected if necessary. For this it might be necessary that our employees contadt you. This might happen vie e-mail, SMS or push-message or vie telephone.
  • To recognize duplicate registations. IN this case we are going to inform you about the merger of the duplicate registrations.
  • Your feedback about the abb is used to improve the app. This informations are only anonymously passed on to the presenter.
  • We use your feedback on our service to improve processes and to be able to offer even better service.

With whom are those informations shared

  • With the associated organizer and allied companies of the organizer respectivly Culturall in order to ensure that you can visit the performance/event without any problems. In doing so it might be necessary to give acess to the visitors data to government administration/security companies, that were commissioned by the organizer/the Staatsoper.
  • Persons with whom you communicated by passing on tickets for example.
  • When logging in with facebook, facebook receives the Appid bzw. Webadress, as well as date and time of the call. From case to case we put so-called social plugins or like-buttons from Facebook und google+ into our e-Mails respectively website. In this case too Facebook respectively google receives said data or can extablish a context to the Facebook login. Operator of Facebook is Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, CA 94303, USA.  Operator of Google+ ist Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. We - Culturall - have no influence on the content of said plugins, the information that is passed on to Facebook/Google. In these cases we have to refer you to the data privacy statues of Facebook.
  • Credit card data are passed on to TeleCash GmbH & Co. KG Marienbader Platz 1 61348 Bad Homburg, Deutschland  or to SIX Payment Services (Austria) GmbH, Marergasse 1B, 1030 Wien, Österreich or Concardis GmbH, Helfmann-Park 7, 65760 Eschborn, Deutschland. For 3D-Secure payments you give the credit card data directly to one of the above mentioned credit card acquirers and Culturall receives only the type of credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners,...) the last 4 digits of the credit card number the payment instrument and the expiration date and the information for which 3DS version the credit card is activated.
  • Adress data are sent to WIGeo-GIS Softwareerstellungs- und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H., Hansalgasse 3 for verification purposes but without conection to personal data.
  • Server logs – will be passed on to law enforcement authorites the in case of a hacker attack. There will be no further passing on of Data to other third parties.

How can you adminstrate or delete personal informations about yourself

  • You can administrate all data on our website www.culturall.com.
    The only exception being the customer number wich is permanent.
  • If you whish so your data will be deleted as soon as the contract is fullfilled and the legal obligation to store the data has run out. There is however the opportunity to mark your data as erased even before that date - then only especially entitled users may access your data.
  • If you have got any questions with regard to processing of your data, please contact us at datenschutz@culturall.com. For postal mail please to: Culturall Handelsges.m.b.H., Am Modenapark 11/16 1030 Wien c/o Datenschutzbeauftragter.

How do we react to court inquieries

  • In reaction to a legal inquiery (as for example a  warrant, a court order) we are allowed to access your data and pass them on, if we act in good faith and believe we were legally required to do so.

How do we inform you, if this policy changes

  • Via e-Mail/SMS or push-message in the App