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Minimum Configuration Requirements

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For the correct display and functionality of this website you need an up-to-date browser.
Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Opera are recommended.
Please keep your browser always up to date to eliminate any security vulnerabilities.

If you have problems viewing this website, please check:

  • Your browser version and update it if necessary
  • Browser settings (please reset them to default settings)
  • Cookies must be allowed
  • Firewall or antivirus programs (may block content or change browser settings)
  • JavaScript must be enabled in the browser (change this in your browser settings or reset the browser to its default settings)
  • Browser extensions can block content, disable them if necessary

If you still experience problems, please try a different browser e.g. Firefox Portable Edition (no installation required)


Print@Home-tickets are provided as PDF files and require a PDF reader, e.g. Adobe Reader (download at www.adobe.com).
Please always use a current version to prevent display errors and security vulnerabilities.

General information

For a satisfactory and fast ticket purchase, we recommend a good Internet connection and a PC/Smartphone that is not older than three years.

Always use the latest version of your software (browser, PDF reader, operating system, ...).
Please note that outdated software often has no manufacturer support and therefore there is no guarantee for the correct functioning of the software. There could be display problems and security vulnerabilities, which may allow malware to get onto your device.