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Waiting List Guidelines

By clicking "stadby tickets", you can specify your booking preferences. The „preferred price“ has higher priority. Should a allocation be impossible, we will try to  allocate your tickets for an „accepted price“. The selected price per seat has influence on the seating location. The price for the seat varies by location.

Bisides, you can choose the following criteria:
  •     minimum and maximum number of tickets
  •     single seats may be allocated      yes/no
  •     seats with obstructed view may be allocated    yes/no

Please adapt the indicated number of date/time for the latest allocation to your preference. Thus, you set a time limit (date/time) for accepting the allocation of your preferred ticket. After this dead line had passed, the ticket cannot be allocated any more.

Please notice: the dead line should not be prior to the advance booking date, otherwise the allocation is not possible. We advise you to set the advance booking latest at 12 PM.

We apologize that your ticket requests can not be processed automatically. We can assure that we will do our best to fulfil entered requests.

Please notice: ticket cancellation due to unmet special requests is subject to a cancellation charge of 100% of  invoice amount.

After a successfull completion of booking procedure, you will be sent a confirmation, containing your booking code. Please note this booking code! You will need this later to check whether your tickets have been successfully allocated or not.

Allocation: if the preffered minimum number of tickets becomes available within the accepted price range prior to the dead line selected, you will be allocated the tickets and the ticket price will be debited through your selected payment method.

Please notice: By entering your ticket request details on the waiting list, you consent to buy the ticket once allocated to you and acknowledge your booking status. After a successful allocation, you can pick up the tickets at the advance booking agency or the box office of the federal theatre.