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Due to the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 we only have a limited seating plan available. We furthermore ask you to comply with the following protective measures: - Wear a FFP2-facemask while in the Imperial Chapel. This includes entering and leaving the building, sitting on your seat, and on the way to and from the Holy Communion. - Exchanging the sign of peace is only possible by looking at each other and nodding heads. - When on your way to receive Communion, keep a minimum distance of 1 metre to other persons. - We ask you to receive the holy communion by hand and to keep the necessary safety distance at all times. Please pay particular attention to the floor markings in the nave and stand up from your seats one after another and in rows. If you are sitting in the upper floors or at Untere Empore, Holy Communion will be brought to you. - Keep the maximum possible distance to the priest when receiving Communion. - Make sure to not come into physical contact with the priest while receiving Communion.
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