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Presale Information Vienna State Opera

General Ticket Sale

Presale for remaining tickets will start two months before the performances - exceptions are September and October. Tickets for performances in September and October are sold in May and June respectively, e.g. May 3th for September 3th and June 1rst for October 1rst 2014. Presale starts at 8 am on weekdays, on saturdays, sundays, and on holidays at 9 am.

Arrangements for ticket sales for 31st December and particularly popular performances are published separately.

Please note that the presale of children's operas is handled differently. The presale of children's operas always takes place in blocks one month before the first performance of the regarding block.


Written and online orders are absolutely equal to one another.

  • Online orders now offer a multitude of criterias (price, type of seats, etc.) and can be marked as alternatives to one another.
  • You can choose how you want to pay for your tickets (direct debit order - only austrian and german accounts, credit card, bank transfer). Payment will be necessary two weeks after allocation. The with direct debit will be debited 9 weeks before the performance. After presale has started - as before with standbytickets - only direct debit and credit card payment will be possible.
Please note that tickets which have been allocated cannot be cancelled. If you do not want tickets allocated to an order you must cancel the order in time.