Instruction for Online Purchase

General Support

In order to purchase tickets over the internet, you will need to have JavaScript enabled in your blowser. Please click the following link to get specific "instructions for your browser" in the menu "Informationen".

Perfomance Selection

Please choose an order from "repertoire" (e.g. ordered by genre ->Oper, Operette,...). Doing so, you change the sequence of displayed perfomances according to year, month or week (Weekly View, Monthly View). By clicking "purchase tickets " attached to your choosen performance, you will proceed to the ticket resevation. The reservation procedure will be started through a click on the seating chart or by filling the input box for free seating.

Free Seating Ticket

Please fill the number of tickets you require into the input field and then click on "continue" to go on to the shopping cart.

Instruction for Seating Chart

When the seating chart has been uploaded, you see all available seats (black-marked seats are not available). On the upper left hand side, concessions and reductions are displayed to choose from. The legend (right) relates to the price category of each ticket. Every seat is attached to short information on seating location, price category, status and possible concessions (Please place your cursor on your preferred seat).

Seat Reservation

If you select a seat and click on it, its availability will be checked and the seat will be reserved.

This checking procedure is carried out in real-time, therefore some other users occasionally select the same seat you are just going to reserve. If this is the case, a message will appear above the seating chart, and your selected seat will be marked by "error"/"already reserved".

Concession and Reduction

If you need concessions or reductions for your ticket, the setup can be made through menu options on the upper left hand side. You can either choose the options before selecting a seat (will be used as well for all seats selected afterwards) or for ech seat after the individual selection. The according tickets will be placed in your shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

You will come from the seating chart via clicking "Continue"to your shopping cart(supposing you already have selected a ticket). When you reserve one ticket or more, by clicking on them, they will be placed in your shopping cart. Please notice, that these tickets will be reserved only for you as long as your booking procedure goes on. The reservation will be shut down in 8 minutes time unless you extend it by further clicks (total 30 min.). The shopping cart shows an overview over your reserved tickets. You can cancel any of them, add other tickets, or empty the shopping cart entirely.

Please click on "continue"to proceed to the next stage(payment procedure).

Delivery and Payment

If you are not logged in yet, you can do so here(and then click on"continue"). Please select on this page your preferred delivery type for tickets as well as a payment term including payment details. You are supposed to read and accept the general terms and conditions(AGB)so as to go on to the booking procedure. Please confirm this by setting a tick in the check box under "I accept the general terms and conditions ". By clicking on "continue" you can go forward to a general view over booking details, before you complete the booking.

Booking Procedure Completion

In order to complete the booking, you have to confirm the indicated details of your online shopping by clicking on "confirm payment". Thereby you go on to your invoice including all details on your booking.

Printing Print@Home-Tickets

Selecting "Print@Home"from payment items, you can print your tickets on your invoice. In order to print it properly, you need Adobe® Reader (Please download from Please click "Print PDF Tickets". The PDF file will show tickets, each of which is a valid entrance card, when printed out.
Please note that your print@home-tickets won't be printable if they're already printed at the box office. We recommend to print the tickets by noon of the day of the performance at the latest. On Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, printing is possible only until 6 am.